General direction for SEITAI exercises 2

[when, where, how many times, how much often]

SEITAI exercise is very effective, effect is instant, if you do it exactly.
Whenever you don’t feel well, do your exercises only a few times no matter where.
You don’t need to take hours to do SEITAI exercises.
If you want quick progress of curing, do exercises shortly and more often.
Even if your life is too busy to do something special for health care,  you must  have 5 minutes before uprising in the morning and after going to bed until falling to sleep in the end of the day.
Please try to do exercises at least once in a day, morning or night.
If you do twice, it is better.

Many SEITAI exercises are possible to do on the bed. If your bed is too soft to get right posture, a pillow under lower back may be helpful, or just simply, find space on the floor.
Even if you have  much free time to do exercise in the daytime, anyway do it for a few minutes before getting up from the bed. It is very effective to refresh yourself.( Also you will be free from ‘duty’ to do exercise as routine.)
And of course, you can do whenever you want.
I suggest to do the exercises those are with standing or sitting position, when you feel tired of your work.
Your work may be just standing, sitting, mental labor, physical labor, it doesn’t matter, both of repitition of same movement or fixation of a posture make particular muscles tired.
SEITAI exrecise works on that muscles exactly.


General direction for SEITAI exercises 1

[When? Where? How much often? How many times?]

In the beginning of treatment, your exercises are to relax rigid muscles around problematic area (not very refined).
Then, whenever, however, you can do them, as much as you feel good. Please remind that the point is PLEASURE.
 SEITAI exercises is not training of strengthen partial muscles, nor torture.
Don’t think you must do until you feel very tired.
Don’t count the number, pay attention to movement and feeling of the body.
Typical misunderstanding about doing exercise is that muscles must be exhausted, you must feel hard, painful, you must force beyond limit of mobility of joints, elasticity of muscles. More doing, more effective, even though you get too tired.
I think that this disciplined mind - enduring penance is virtue - is cause of not listening your body’s voice -feeling, pain.
This self torturing often make your sense of the body dull. Then, you may break body’s function by your wrong effort.

There are two kinds of pain and fatigue. One is pleasant, the other is displeased.
You should discriminate comfortable pain from dangerous pain while doing exercise.

Another mistaking to do exercises is doing like an unwilling duty, then it becomes loose like a marionette, you don’t feel any tension. It means that movement is not exact. Your body has a habit not to use that muscle.
If you feel your exercise is very easy, you should do more careful, slowly, not to pass through the point.

It is useful to attend to keep the center line of the body for exact movement.
You may notice difference between right side and left side.
Try to adjust that imbalance, then you feel well instantly.



Doing KATSUGEN UNDO is very simple, has no rule at all. Just let the body surrender to spontanious movement without thinking.

It is similar to yawn, sneezing, scratching head, rub nose or eyes... It looks like free dancing, but it is not even dancing. Often the movement resembles to disablement, actually disabled parts of the body want to be free from rigidity.
It is possible by standing, sitting, lying, as the body wants to be.
You can do it alone, or with a partner, with group.

In the beginning of practice, it may be difficult to start to move.
There are trigger exercises to lead KATSUGEN UNDO.
First one is deep expiring, it release tension of rib cage.
Second is twisting trunk, to make spine be flexible.
Last is unnatural forced breathing to stimulate impulsive movement.
And then closing eyes, imagine to inhale to spine, wait for body’s feeling how to move...
These leading process take only few minutes, and it is not necessary to do, if your body started to move. KATSUGEN UNDO sometimes continues long. You can do until stop.

There are some places to introduce KATSUGEN UNDO and practice with group in Europe.
First it is easier to participate the workshop to learn how to lead KATSUGEN UNDO.
Once you learn trigger exercises, you can practice by yourself alone.
If you practice it continuously, day by day you will feel certain effect.



Introduction of KATSUGEN UNDO -free exercise by spontanious movement of the body

KATSUGEN UNDO is one of the most important exercise in SEITAI.
This word was made by Noguchi, SEITAI founder. In Japanese it means “movement for activating vital energy”.
*For what
It removes tension or blockage of all parts of the body.
Body is able to relax deeply.
But, purpose of KATSUGEN UNDO practice is more.
It is training of unconscious and natural movement to adjust bad condition of the body.
This function is for example, walking on the ice without slipping, vomitting rotten food, stretching and yawning after tiring work, intuition to avoid accident. Cough, sneeze, yawn, scratching, tossing during sleep, unconscious movements are function for adjustment.
SEITAI regards this function (extrapyramidal system) should work well.
Practice of KATSUGEN UNDO makes it active gradually.
*Point of practice
Usually our actions are limitted by conscious objects.
But for training of spontanious action, we should try to do KATSUGEN UNDO with empty mind (TENSHIN).
You may feel that it’s not easy. Even if idle thoughts come and go one after another, just never mind.


To keep good shape of the body !! - metabolic syndrome and Pelvis. SEITAI view point

Metabolic syndrome is -  simply to say that the obesity(fatness) of internal organs  which come from high blood sugar level, high blood presser, high fatty blood. This disorder of metabolism damage circulation system. It's could cause of obesity,diabetes,heart disease,cerebral accident(stroke).  
The main reason of  metabolic syndrome is considered high fatty diet and lack of exercise.

This disorder of metabolism is close relation with movement of pelvis. The movement of pelvis need proper strength of inner muscles and balance with outer muscles(surface muscles).Inner muscle is pull up the parts of the body to the center. Theses muscles are exist around joints and deep layer of the body.It's means build up strength  of centralization. Pelvis is move periodically. Inner muscles are difficult to be make strength with machine training like.
Most effective way to develop inner muscle is exercises which you use balance of the body. The pelvis is formed with sacrum, iliac born and coccyx. Sacrum and iliac born are jointed with strong ligament.This is called articulatio sacroiliaca(sacrum iliac joint).The inner muscle,iliopsoas muscle( iliac born and lumber muscle) cover this sacrum iliac joint and support periodic movement of pelvis.  This is important movement for menstruation, elimination,and digestion. Because as you see that location of pelvis hold sexual organs, intestine,even connect with spine. These Physiologic function effect to circulation system as well.
Outer muscle( surface muscles) and inner muscle is support smooth closing and opening movement  of joints.
It's sacrum iliac joint also.
But now a days, generally people work on the desk without much movement, or using only part of the body, and many of exercises doesn't use whole part of the body and balance. Then only outer muscle is used.  It cause of stiffness of the pelvis, and shape of pelvis run outward and the muscle dull out.
Therefor the body can not keep good shape toward the center,and lose the strength of balance.
If you really want to good shape of body, physiologic function  and  real strength of the body, you need to work inner muscle, and keep smooth movement of the pelvis. 


Purpose of SEITAI exercises

You may know that some kind of exercises is good to keep your health.
 But do you know which exercises useful is for your problems?

 When we have disorder, often we find the spot or area which doesn't move well , painful or block.
 SEITAI exercise is clearly purposeful to solve patucular problem.
SEITAI exercise focalizes on the point which caused for disorder, and arouse the power to take the obstacle away.
 Even if we don't know the cause of disorder, SEITAI basic exercises release  tension of  all over the body.
 Then the point which cause of disorder will appear. You will be able to feel that point.

 By specific movement of the arms and legs we can stimulate almost  parts of  the body.  But actually the movements of arms and legs need to come from center of the body.  It is not only local movement.
 Then it can activate  healing power even more than treatment.


TANDEN the body center

Our body mechanism is integrated  with function of each cells.The cell also has center. It's nucleus. and the nucleus contain genic information DNA.  ''TANDEN'', the center of the body also have a lot of information of our being. Small cells create a human being. The key of organization is nucleus. So Tanden is our organizer of the body.  We need to follow the Tanden, we need to aware our intuition. not through. This is the way of  living with the nature.
''TANDEN'' is the spot where the body's strength centralized in. So when we move each part of the body, the movements should come from ''TANDEN'' the body center. The center and part is not separated. The fulcrum of  movements is the body center. but often we use the body partially and unequally. It causes unbalance of tension and looseness of the particular parts of body. and  that unbalance will make the center stiff and weak.
Because, the muscles of center line(muscles around spine) are strain by unnatural movement of local limbs, then get stiff, but after the muscles of center line and the center give up and loose the strength to hole central balance. it interferes function of the spine and ''TANDEN''. The central power split and escape to periphery.
Therefore when we do SEITAI exercises ,we should aware the body center and center line.
Otherwise symptoms just move to other parts,then problem may return.