Italian branch of HIROE SEITAI opened

about our practitioner, Mr.Toyoji Akiyama

HIROE SEITAI used to give treatments and hold workshops irregularly.
This time Toyoji settled down in Milano city, Italy, he will start treatments and workshops  of  SEITAI exercises continuously.

Toyoji is the most gifted promising therapist.
When he requested to become a pupil of SEITAI,  I was conconvinced of his incomparable talent.

He had a career as a SHIATSU bodyworker and very good reputaion already.

(Usually I don't recieve any bodywork from others, because I guess that real good bodyworker is very rare.
I feel so by my long experiences of teaching. So that, though often people ask me to teach, I refuse it. I mean that SEITAI  techniqueis too difficult and deep to master for general public. At least it is no possible in easy and short lessons. I know that even I am not very good....  In reality, it need certain talent, eagerness and patience. )

As I'd never met better SHIATSU worker than SEITAI, it was a venture to recieve his bodywork for me. But my 'excellent' intuition said, "Maybe he is good...?"

While I was recieving his work first time, I was really wondering, "How can he know SEITAI? although I don't teach anything yet?".
And shock was more.
He can understand and master technique perfectly by watching once only. I didn't need to exprain by words or give training. From the beginning, already he was much better than normal students who strive for many years.
And he followed my self-righteous teaching style fully. I think nobody else could bear it.

I appreciate that I could teach SEITAI to him.
Also I appreciate that he decided to study SEITAI, and be as SEITAI therapist.
I know very well that he is excellent in other therapies. He can use other techniques according to circumstances.

If you know somebody who need sincere therapist with credible method, please recommend him.
contact:  Toyoji Akiyama http://www.facebook.com/  (Milano,Italy)

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